Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIWOW : What I'm Working On Wednesday

I'm going to try for a semi-regular thing here. On Wednesdays I'll post a few things I'm working on (I know it's more traditional to call them WIPs or Works in Progress, but WIPW isn't as fun to say as WIWOW, dammit). I might include what I'm reading or listening to as well.

Without further ado, here's what I'm working on this Wednesday!


I'm in the middle of making my second muslin for my first Colette Hazel. I tried to fudge it without an FBA but it's not working, so I had to cut another one. I did an FBA using this diagram and we'll see how well I did! I'm also making a muslin for a Maria Denmark Edith blouse. Lotsa white and beige in here this week (and so boring to photograph).

Zzzzzzzz. I swear, flashy fabrics coming soon.


Nick and I started listening to the audiobook of The Shining on our last road trip, so I've been finishing that up. We plan to go to the Stanley Hotel for our anniversary next year (I know, so romantic)! And I totally want to make something out of this fabric one day.


Annnnd I have been watching my way through Gilmore Girls again. I love this show so much. SO MUCH.  Preach, Lorelai.

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