Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ten Items

The other day I told you about my sewing goals for 2015, part of which is to sew ten new items. I would like to sew four shirts, three skirts, and three dresses. Now I'm here to tell you about my plan!


I have a serious lack of shirts that fit me. I can make store bought knit shirts work in most cases, but wovens are a lost cause. And I want to wear button downs, dang it! To help remedy this, I have three woven tops and one knit planned.

One: Maria Denmark Edith
If you've been reading, you know I've been working on the muslin for this one. The final will be made in a lightweight black poplin with tiny white polka dots.
Status: Fabric and pattern in hand. In muslin stage.

Two: Colette Sorbetto
I've made this one before, but I want to split the dart and make it out of black rayon. I think this will be great tucked into skirts for work or worn with jeans on the weekends (or casual Friday!).
Status: Fabric and pattern in hand. I will convert bust dart into two darts before sewing up.

Three: Colette Violet
I've had this pattern for a while but I haven't muslined it yet. I have a sheer red Swiss dot fabric I'd like to use for this one.
Status: Fabric and pattern in hand. 

Four: Colette Moneta 
I know what you're thinking - but that's a dress, Dana! 'Tis, but there is a great cropped sweater hack posted on the Coletterie that I am dying to try. I have a cool hemp knit in mind for this. (I want to make the dress too, so I figure this will be an easy one to try once I have the dress fitted.)
Status: Pattern in hand. 


I love skirts! I much prefer them to jeans most days. I love being able to layer them with tights and boots in the cooler months. The first two on my list will be work appropriate and the third is more casual.

Five: Colette Meringue
I've been working on the muslin for this, too. The final will be in a cobalt blue cotton twill. I think it will be great for work. (My picture of this fabric is way too light. It's really a nice deep cobalt.)
Status: Fabric and pattern in hand. In muslin stage.

Six: Bluegingerdoll Betsy
This is a skirt I've been crushing on hard every since I saw Mary's version. I think pencil skirts are so flattering but I've had a hard time finding one that fits. I plan to make one that is work appropriate out of a stretch black cotton sateen.
Status: Fabric in hand.

Seven: Jennifer Lauren Cressida Skirt
I had a Zinnia in this slot but one look at the Cressida and I knew it was the skirt I've been dreaming about. I have two choices in my stash for this - either the heart print denim I picked up last week or some Robert Kaufman herringbone I originally intended for a Colette Beignet. (Sensing a pattern here? I own A LOT of Colette patterns).
Status: Fabric in hand. 


Dresses are another staple that I know I will get more out of when I have some that fit me better. I love being able to throw one on with a few accessories and have a complete outfit.

Eight: Colette Moneta
I feel like a major hole in my wardrobe is simple, comfortable things to throw on for the weekend. So I want to make a black knit Moneta with 3/4 sleeves, using some lovely, high quality fabric. I know I will get so much wear out of it.
Status: Pattern in hand.

Nine: Colette Hawthorne
I know, ANOTHER Colette. I just love what they do. I've been wanting a good shirt dress - so classic and lovely. I'm not sure what I'll make this one out of yet - perhaps this pinky red shirting? Who knows.
Status: Pattern in hand.

Ten: Simplicity 1873
I had a Colette Hazel in this slot, but the fitting issues with it have really gotten me down. I recently picked up this pattern when it was on sale for $1.99 and I think I'm going to give it a go. I'm not sure what this will be out of, either. Something with polka dots?
Status: Pattern in hand.

And that's that! I will obviously be adaptable if my needs change, but I feel confident that all of these will be wardrobe staples. I have a backlog of patterns, so if I'm doing really well on time (ha!) I can always add to the list. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I should have another WIWOW this week!

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